Weights of Responsibility- Birnam Arts, Exhibition with Susie Johnston and Jenny Pope March -May 2022

Birnam Arts 2022: Weights of Responsibility 4th March-22nd May

Louise Ritchie

Skin by Skin

The gossamer silk and soft velvets of Skin by Skin signify the experiences and thin transitions between childhood, adulthood, motherhood and womanhood. These layers are states of mind, symbols of the skins that layer over layer, each one similar and yet not.

The material hues are rich, existing as both transparent and opaque. Silk blankets and sumptuous velvets are sliced through with lasers but form delicate patterns on and below the surface to connote indexical incisions of experience and recollections. The indelible inscriptions, and scars, of triumph and sorrow. The skins of the moment, of then, and the skins of loss, all leave their trace as material time-markers to settle, year upon year, in loose gatherings of experience and celebration, loss and renewal and of the responsibilities that bind.

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